Our Dance program is unique in its holistic educational focus that addresses the heart, mind and body. We will give you the tools to create a sustainable life in dance: strong, anatomically sound technique; versatile performance skills; choreographic craft and creative voice; teaching. You will also develop an inner sense of self that will help you navigate the many opportunities available to you in dance.

Our department atmosphere is warm and supportive, with students drawing inspiration from one another. The drive and focus of our students create an energy that is contagious and will help you work to your full potential.

We invite you to visit the Dance Department at JVirina College of the Arts and experience for yourself the excitement and energy of people who love to dance as much as you.


Goal #1 

To engage students in the collaborative process.

 Goal #2

To strengthen students’ creative skills in live performance through the study of craft and technique.

Goal #3

To engage critical studies in the history of dance, theater and performance with rigor and curiosity.

Goal #4

To create unique, challenging and diverse live performances and share them with our community.

Objectives: Students will learn the fundamental principles of dance training, dance making, and dance performance.

Objectives: Students will experience multiple theories of seeing, making and practicing dance and performance.

Objectives: Students will develop a broad understanding of the social cultural context of dance and performance.

Objectives: Students will engage in physical dance training.

Objectives: Students will experience a variety of ways of making dance with professional, faculty, and peer choreographers.

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